Change creates new standards for measurable success.

Founded in 1994, Lischke Consulting specializes in Operational Excellence and the implementation of complex change processes, advising internationally renowned companies from the telecommunications / media and industry / automobile sectors as well as the energy business. In these fields, we know the current motors driving value creation chains, as well as the decisive parameters and action options necessary to create efficient and effective structures. Our experience is our strength. “Enabling Your Vision” stands for the operationalization of strategic goals. For our clients, we implement visions and goals, transforming them into operative processes and structures.

We consider change a pacemaker and a chance. Apart from expert know-how and analytical abilities, change demands one thing above all from us: social competence. The goal is to build bridges between old values and new paths. Rigid structures give way to dynamic development – for greater flexibility, ability to innovate, efficiency, and cost optimization. Change is a process that comes from the inside and must be initiated from the outside. Change is based on a holistic strategy. We implement it in practice, for measurable success!