Continuity of change

The ability to quickly and appropriately react to changes increasingly important across all industries. Impulses for change, especially those driven through digitalization. Dynamic adaptation is required that can no longer be mastered with conventional methods of organizational development or project management. Only by using the potential of all employees and managers within an agile framework can impulses for change be successfully recognized and efficiently implemented. Lischke Consulting accompanies you on the way to an agile organization with dynamic, interactive and customer-oriented structures and processes.

Cultivating agile working environments

Agile methods and principles are in many aspects similar to those from the Lean philosophy. The culture of continuous improvement and iterative processes for testing and implementing new approaches is one of the essential requirements for agile work in an organization. Our consultants are trained not only to enable individual teams and units to use agile principles (e.g. SCRUM) rigorously, but also to qualify entire organizations for the application of scaled methods of agility (e.g. SAFe®). With our implementation-oriented approach, we focus on applying the new principles from the beginning, implementing them step-by-step in our daily work and creating acceptance and trust for the transformation.

Our expertise will enable you to:

  • Assess the initial situation and evaluate the potential of agile methods and principles with our Agility Assessment.
  • Demonstrate the possibilities and limits of agile working methods in your respective business model.
  • Create a roadmap for implementing agile methods and principles.
  • Qualify managers, employees and internal experts.
  • Guide individual projects and entire company transformations for introducing agile methods and principles.