Progress report by student assistant/junior consultant

Natural sciences and technology have always fascinated me from an early age. You deal with empiricism and logic, establish connections and facts and always look for the pragmatic solution. For me, it became clear early on that I would become an engineer one day. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Energy and Environmental Technology, however, I had the urge to broaden my knowledge. Although figures, data and facts make a nice, plausible framework, they are not the only factors that define the success or failure of an enterprise. Above all, it’s about people and how they interact and are led structurally and culturally. I therefore decided to take a Master’s in “International Business Engineering” at the Hamburg University of Technology and whilst studying for it, I became very interested in consultancy work.

I became very interested in consultancy work in the course of my studies for my Master’s. The steep learning curve required, the project-based approach and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a wide range of industries ultimately motivated me to apply to be a student assistant at Lischke Consulting.

“Thanks to the pleasant and open working atmosphere, the team from Lischke Consulting has made my induction very easy and even in my first week, I had the feeling that I was making a contribution.”

It quickly became clear to me how well the knowledge I had acquired in my studies fits in with the thematic focus of LC. In numerous client projects in mechanical engineering and system construction, the process industry and logistics, among other things, I was able to gain deep insight into everyday working life as a consultant and develop both professionally and personally. It is worth emphasising that students at Lischke Consulting are given plenty of scope to contribute their own ideas. Anyone who is curious, contributes ideas and gets actively involved is rewarded with responsibility. The size of the firm also means that you quickly gain a very good insight into all of the company procedures.

Given how overwhelmingly positive my experience as a student assistant was, the logical outcome for me was to go into consultancy after I graduated. I’m happy to say that Lischke Consulting offered me this opportunity and I have been working here as a junior consultant since mid 2017. My first project involved warehouse optimisation for a client from the aerospace industry. The professional and experienced project team and the strong methodological skills at Lischke Consulting made me feel very secure from the first day. The close collaboration with our clients in workshops is something that still gives me particular pleasure. Each project presents new challenges. You are always having to grasp new issues, industries and social structures and actively push forward with changes. This is the only way to ensure maximum success for the client.

All of this makes me want to do more and I am sure that the next exciting project is just around the corner.

Felix Kruse