Our guiding principles

The objectives and challenges of our clients drive us

Because we take the issues that preoccupy our clients seriously. Rather than lecturing, we supplement you, enabling us together to achieve optimal results.

Our Projects are aimed at achieving specific results. Together we agree to binding project objectives and expected results with our clients. Therefore ensuring at the early stage that objectives are realistic and that the planned measures can be implemented.

We deliver high technical solutions and changes that are practical

As consultants, the core of our philosophy is to manage change on three levels: factual, structural and cultural. We regard ourselves as external drivers and catalysts in the change process. We are aware that any change initially unsettles those involved and leads to resistance. We therefore integrate all required participants into our project work at the precise juncture to ensure broad support for the agreed objectives.

When we leave we should be missed, but no longer required

Our work has been then most effective when we have enabled the organization to continue developing in the planned direction under its own strength and initiative. We leave with our clients with functioning and practical processes, structures and methods which clients can continue to develop without external assistance.

We apply our established LC methods consistently as they are essential for the quality of our work

Our consulting methods are varied and adapted to the specific situation. All our colleagues are proficient in using the “LC toolbox” which has grown over the years and advise which methods are most suitable in any given situation.

As a team we are strong and successful

We require a wide range of skills for our project work which is why mutual professional and personal support for all of us always goes without saying. To guarantee the delivery of technically convincing and sustainable improvements our consulting teams fulfill high standards a sound knowledge of the industry, a proven expertise in the issues concerned and extensive experience of change management. When arranging our project teams the right mix of skills and personalities has priority.