Our team

Strong and successful together

It takes more than acquired knowledge to be a good consultant: professional competence and sensitivity are prerequisites for successfully initiating change.

Based on 20 years of consultancy experience, we select our employees with our heart and our mind. Each team member is an expert in their respective area and additionally proficient in the methods of lean management and change management. Our consultants are also proud of the fact that they are fully aware of current developments in the subject area and have the competence to apply them.

Taking responsibility

Our employees know how to introduce change processes successfully, meet resistance with professional calmness, can integrate and train. Each team member takes responsibility for the successful achievement of objectives. We do not assess ourselves by the measures we implement, but by their results.

Our success is achieved by constructive and proactive team work. Therefore we take an open and fair approach within our company and support each other professionally and personally in our work.

The management