What sets us apart

Our experience is your strength

Lischke Consulting sees itself as a professional external initiator while being an active partner in the change process across all levels and hierarchies.

We support our national and international clients by helping them to integrate their visions and goals into the practical day-to-day work of their company and transform them into specific operational processes.

Each client faces its own particular challenges. With more than 20 years’ experience with a variety of clients we still like to form our own impressions. In doing so, we also take account of the global challenges facing our clients in the industrial sector of mid-sized companies. We always develop tailor-made solutions which they can implement and develop further for future use.

Sustainable and measurable success

Lischke Consulting specialises in Operational Excellence and the implementation of complex change processes. We support our customers in making processes more effective and efficient, increasing performance measurably and minimising waste. The lean-management philosophy is one of our key methodological principles.

We are satisfied only when our success can be seen and measured and the solutions remain after our departure.