Defence industry

Dealing reliably with complexity.

The security and defence industry is changing: from long-term planning horizons and complex, laborious development and production periods to greater flexibility and shorter construction times. This requires experienced change management experts to make the processes and structures in the company more agile.

Creating agile order processing systems.

While recent years have been marked by a decline in defence budgets, demand is now expected to increase. But it takes several years or even decades to develop and manufacture military equipment. Given today’s technical and geopolitical development, however, the needs and standards of customers are developing faster.

Lischke Consulting is familiar with the typical challenges this industry is facing. Using our implementation skills, we are able to mobilise your company’s potential. As well as redesigning the product development process based on lean principles, it also involves strengthening interdepartmental collaboration, developing effective strategic purchasing and creating efficient stock management, whilst also rigorously exploiting the potential for digitisation.