Mechanical and plant engineering

Adjustment levers for more growth

If companies in mechanical and plant engineering are to act in a forward-looking way, they need to meet the challenges resulting from individualisation, globalisation and digitalization in a professional and flexible way. Lischke Consulting will support you along this path of continuous development and optimisation.

Meeting change professionally

Guaranteeing product developments that are quality-oriented and tailored individually to customers while reducing manufacturing costs – despite rising raw material and energy prices – leads to a constant balancing act. The increasing importance of a global presence on the relevant procurement and sales markets is an equally big challenge in practice as is the increasing digital networking.

In view of this, it is important that all corporate functions are optimally integrated over the various value creation stages. We support you in realigning the core value creation and support processes and in identifying and exploiting existing potential. Strict global alignment and digital networking offer opportunities for more growth and the development of new business models.