Medical technology

Generating healthy growth.

German medical technology companies are regarded as leaders in innovation on the world market. For them to retain their position, however, their processes have to adapt to a market that is developing in different directions. Our many years of project experience in large and medium-sized medical technology companies makes us the ideal professional partner for you.

Exploiting innovation potential.

Demand for healthcare services and, consequently, for medical technology products continues to rise. This industry, which is predominantly comprised of medium-sized companies, has almost trebled its turnover in Germany in the last 20 years.

Further market potential can be exploited by using value-based healthcare methods and by integrating the potential of digitisation. Interdisciplinary collaboration between healthcare, engineering, natural sciences and the manufacturers of medical technology is crucial to success.

With the help of lean methods, Lischke Consulting can support your company in reducing development times, optimising workflow and minimising waste. Processes within the company, but also with suppliers and customers, are designed more flexibly, and efficiency is increased thanks to the use of new production principles.