Operational Excellence

Giving structure to change

Companies have to develop continuously to meet the demands of the market. Operational Excellence: our approach to successfully transforming companies and organisations. We optimise the corporate strategy, organisational structures and business processes in a sustainable way.

Exploiting opportunities and identifying risks

Many companies recognise changes in the market. They are aware that structures and processes have to be adapted to new conditions. The changes involved have to be carried out and co-designed by their employees across all levels of the hierarchy. In many organisations, the challenge here is to increase their willingness to do so.

Lischke Consulting takes an integrated approach which involves the entire value creation chain and is based on the foundation of lean principles. With the help of Operational Excellence, core processes are organised in a more effective and efficient way, incorporating technical, cultural and organisational factors into all areas of the company. As practical business consultants, we provide the right momentum for change and create the conditions required for sustainable success.