Operations management

Setting standards together.

With markets becoming ever more dynamic and products increasingly more individual, greater flexibility is required in all the operating divisions of a company. Lischke Consulting uses the established methods of lean management and the Six Sigma approach to demonstrably improve your processes and sustainably avoid waste.

The whole is more than the sum of the constituent processes.

Striking the balance between profitability and customer focus frequently leads to an increase in production costs, longer cycle times and significant quality defects with high additional costs.

Our consultants specialise in identifying and rectifying defective processes in the operational value creation chain. They analyse and improve the interaction between operational value creation, the relevant company divisions and product-related after-sales services. This is how we increase efficiency and product quality.

In order to continuously integrate improvement processes, we consistently involve employees so that they can help in the development of solutions. In this way, we enable your team of employees to respond independently and quickly to changes in the market and to meet the growing demands of customers