Coping with turbulent times securely.

World shipbuilding is continuing its decline of the last ten years, despite a slight upturn. In this challenging market environment, German shipbuilding and its suppliers must hold their own. Using Operational Excellence, Lischke Consulting supports companies in making their core processes more efficient.

Recognising and exploiting optimisation potential.

German shipbuilding benefits in particular from the demand for passenger ships, ferries, yachts and military and special ships. The repair business is also gaining in importance. In a tough competitive environment due to worldwide overcapacities, however, German shipyards must hold their own in these segments, too.

Parallels between product development and product creation place high demands on collaboration across departments. Lischke Consulting uses lean management principles to optimise the control processes and channel the constant flow of information. We also help your employees improve supplier interfaces and, consequently, the entire subcontracting management system, which can significantly reduce cycle times and costs for shipbuilding projects.