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Industry know-how and technical expertise. For your business success.

Regardless of the industry, companies today face complex challenges, whether related to technology, market conditions, regulatory requirements or customer expectations. Lischke Consulting has extensive experience in various industries and is therefore able to develop customized solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual client.

Our expertise in various industries allows us to combine in-depth understanding and comprehensive knowledge to work on projects on an equal footing with our customers.

Mechanical / Plant Engineering


Configurations for more growth.
To be ready for the future, mechanical and plant engineering companies have to meet the challenges posed by individualization, globalization and digitalization in a professional and flexible manner. Lischke Consulting accompanies you on this path of continuous development and optimization.


Facing changes with competence
Guaranteeing quality-oriented product developments tailored to individual customers while at the same time reducing manufacturing costs – despite increased raw material and energy prices – is a constant balancing act. Maintaining an increasingly important global presence in the relevant markets for procurement and sales is just as challenging as addressing the need for more digital networking.

Taking that into account, it is important that all corporate functions work together optimally across the various stages of the value chain. We support you in realigning core value creation processes and support processes, as well as in identifying existing potential and using it profitably. After all, rigorous global orientation and digitalization offer opportunities for more growth and the development of new business models.



Gaining momentum.

To be constantly successful in the automotive business and to produce profitably requires continuous improvement as an integral part of the organizational culture. Lischke Consulting uses the combination of change management and professional know-how to support you in the future-oriented, sustainable alignment of your company.

Think globally. Take action together.

Whereas in the past, short product lifecycles and high safety and quality requirements were the primary focus, the industry is now additionally facing new challenges like the development of alternative motors, digitalization and networking, and the use of new technologies. Enormous potential lies in partnership-based collaboration between OEMs, suppliers and players from “Industry 4.0”.

As an implementation-oriented management consultancy, we support you in sharpening your business processes across the entire value chain, rethinking and constantly adapting production strategies as well as supply chain strategies. We are at your side, uncovering hidden potential and activating it for profitable growth.

Process Industry.


Flexibility is critical to success.

The process industry has set standards with forward-looking research and high-quality product developments. To remain successful in the long term, a high level of operational efficiency is required. We focus on improving your value creation processes and significantly increase your productivity.

Making success measurable.

Industries such as pharmaceuticals, paper, industrial textiles, lubricants and oil, as well as companies in the consumer goods industry stand out best when they make sophisticated, innovative developments. However, medium-term and long-term planning horizons, long development cycles and strict government regulations pose challenges for the industries and are sometimes at odds with the often cyclical market environment. Price developments and the availability of raw materials also place high demands on the entire supply chain and logistics chain.

Flexible organizational structures and adaptable processes are essential for the long-term success of companies. We support you in optimizing the value-added processes typical of your industry and, with our implementation-oriented consulting approach, ensure that changes are financially measurable and sustainable.

Medical technology.


Generating healthy growth.

German medical technology companies are regarded as innovation leaders on the global market. To ensure that they continue to maintain their position, processes must be adapted to the differentiated development of the market. Our many years of project experience in large and medium-sized medical technology companies make us a competent partner for you.

Releasing innovation potential.

Demand for healthcare services and thus for medical technology products is rising steadily. This sector, predominantly made up of medium-sized businesses, has almost tripled its sales in Germany over the last 20 years.

By using the value-based health care approach and by harnessing the potential of digitalization, companies can develop additional market potential. Fostering interdisciplinary cooperation between the health care field, science and engineering sectors and medical technology manufacturers is also crucial to success.

Using lean approaches, Lischke Consulting supports your company in reducing development times, optimizing workflows and minimizing waste. By introducing new production principles, the processes within a company and the processes used in conjunction with suppliers and customers are made more flexible and overall efficiency is increased.



Ready for the future.

The civil aerospace industry in particular has benefited from the doubling of passenger numbers over the past 15 years. However, the increased structural requirements mean that companies have to realign by introducing new processes. Lischke Consulting is a constructive companion for long-term organizational development.

Shaping growth.

The consolidation of the supply industry and the shift of value creation to growth markets have greatly increased the demands on supply chain coordination. Certification criteria and approval guidelines place high demands on the quality of business processes. Companies are faced with the task of shaping growth and internationalization within supply chains into a targeted course toward forward-looking business development.

Lischke Consulting supports OEMs and suppliers in developing their business processes to reach their goals. Our strong emphasis on implementation ensures that the new processes are truly adopted across all relevant areas and that employees become active in shaping these processes.


Digital mobility.

Developments in the logistics sector are closely linked to changes in industry. Increasing digitalization requires a change in logistics processes toward greater efficiency. We support you through consistent use of Lean Administration principles and thus optimize your business processes.

Staying fit for the future through integration.

As an industrialized country and export nation, Germany is dependent on a highly efficient logistics sector. To this end, it is imperative to keep pace with digitalization and consistently tap into optimization potential across all modes of transport.

Lischke Consulting has a wide range of experience in these areas based on previous projects. Together with your employees, our dedicated focus on implementation enables us to uncover existing potential, decide which steps to take and thus ensure acceptance and real change. We introduce a functioning process management that is then the basis for connecting and integrating all stages of the value chain. Likewise, we optimize order processing by adapting the functional and organizational structure for the whole company.



Mastering stormy times safely.

Despite a slight recovery, the world-wide shipbuilding industry is continuing its ten-year decline. In this challenging market, German shipbuilders and their suppliers have to be able to hold their own. With the help of Operational Excellence, Lischke Consulting supports companies in making their core processes more efficient.

Identify and utilize optimization potential.

The German shipbuilding industry benefits on the most part from demand for passenger ships, ferries and yachts, as well as for military ships and custom-designed ships for special purposes. The repair business also continues to gain in importance. However, with a large number of shipbuilders vying for contracts around the globe, German shipyards have to be able to prove themselves in a tough competitive environment.

In particular, the parallels of developing products and constructing them places high demands on cross-functional collaboration. Lischke Consulting uses lean management principles to optimize control processes and channel the constant exchange of information. We also help your employees improve communicaton with suppliers, thus improving subcontract management on a whole. By doing so, lead times can be shortened and the costs for shipbuilding projects can be clearly reduced.


Defense Industry.


Confidently mastering complexity.

The security and defense industry is changing from long-term planning horizons and complex, lengthy development and production periods to greater flexibility and shorter design times. Experienced change management experts are needed here to make processes and structures in the organizations more agile.

Creating agile order fulfillment processes.

While the past few years were characterized by declining defense budgets, demand is now expected to increase. Yet the production and development of military equipment takes several years or even decades. However, with today’s technological and geopolitical developments, customers’ needs and standards are changing faster.

Lischke Consulting knows the typical challenges of the industry. With our implementation expertise, we mobilize the potential of your organization. In addition to redesigning the product development process in line with lean principles, the aim is to strengthen cross-functional collaboration, establish powerful, strategic procurement and create an efficient inventory management system. At the same time, harnessing the potential and the benefits of digitalization.


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