Lean Network

Learning from one another

Companies are constantly required to develop further and increase the efficiency of their production systems.

The tools and methods of lean management are already widely used. However, the major challenge lies in dynamically adapting the individual elements to the client’s specific situation and continuously improving them in order to achieve sustainability in all business areas. Practical experience of implementation is of crucial importance in this context. This fundamental knowledge is often linked to personell rather than the company.

Sharing experiences across the company

The networks listed below are therefore aimed at managers across different industries with lean or operational responsibility who are interested in the introduction of lean management or already have experience with lean principles and methods.

Regular meetings give participants the opportunity to share experiences and benefit from the practical knowledge of other network partners. Every meeting is held on the premises of a network partner. If you would like to find out how our partners are distributed across the networks, select the appropriate logo below to filter the companies.

The basic principles are integrity, fairness and trust. Each of the participating companies is required to make an individual contribution to the long-term success of the network.

Please feel free to contact us in person for further information or email: babette.petersen@lischke.com

Lean network partners