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Who we are.

Lischke Consulting is a management consultancy in the heart of Hamburg.

We are typically Hanseatic – reliable, direct, with strong roots but cosmopolitan at the same time, characterized by a solid composure and yet sometimes ” ‘n büschen” (Northern German for “a little bit”) stiff. In other words: Authentic!

For more than 30 years we have been balancing tradition with innovation. We approach change with enthusiasm and see it as an opportunity to shape creative processes in a wide variety of companies.

We do not view conflict as a problem, but as an impetus for change. With creativity and a thrist for action, we drive continuous improvement in an environment that never stands still. On the one hand, we have a solid foundation of experience and tradition. On the other hand, we always keep abreast of the times and set trends instead of running after them.

Our long and varied experience has made us a company that stands on a firm foundation and yet always stays up-to-date.

What we are.

We want to stimulate companies: We bring in movement and change and encourage innovation.

We are exclusive, disruptive and innovative. At the same time, we remain down-to-earth and respectful in our dealings with each other.

We are perfectionists and always strive for the highest quality, even if we are not perfect.

We value different opinions and see them as one of the advantages of working together.

We believe that change in organizations is only possible if everyone involved understands and supports the change.

We value our employees as our most valuable resource because they embody our values and drive us.

We love Hamburg and are proud to be at home here – for us it’s the most beautiful city in the world!


Our Benefits:

We value our employees in all their uniqueness and support them individually in achieving their goals and objectives.

Here is an overview of your benefits:

  • Structured onboarding program for a successful start.
  • Flexible work times for a good work-life balance.
  • Sabbatical opportunities for time off or personal development.
  • Doctorate degree opportunities with Lischke Consulting for in-depth professional expertise.
  • Support when writing your final theses (bachelor’s and master’s).
  • Team events and get togethers to promote team spirit.
  • Individual training for personal development.
  • Modern working environment in a central location.

    Career with Lischke Consulting

    We are gladthat we could spark your interest in Lischke Consulting. We are constantly looking for talents who would like to take on new challenges and share our values. Perhaps your next challenge is already waiting for you among our open positions or you can spark our interest by just applying. We look forward to meeting you and working together on exciting projects.

    Your Lischke Consulting Team

    If you have any questions, Babette Petersen will be happy to help you personally.
    Phone +49 (0) 40 37 85 57 0

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    Your perspective at Lischke

    From student employee to partner:

    At Lischke Consulting we attach great importance to the further development of our employees. Our success is based on their daily performance and their commitment to our values. To keep our employees up-to-date, we offer training and further education at regular intervals.

    We trust our employees and therefore let them take on responsibility and have decision-making authority in their projects. That’s how we can achieve long-term success and create career opportunities up to management level.

    Our day-to-day work is as diverse as our employees. We work in a variety of sectors and industries to gain a holistic understanding of companies and their operations. From working in an engine room to concept development at a desk – we do everything we can for our customers to implement change at all levels. Our maxim: “When we leave, we should be missed. But no longer needed.”

    Would you like to become part of our team and take on new challenges? We look forward to receiving your application, whether for one of our open positions or on your own initiative.

    Would you like to just talk about it first?

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Babette Petersen personally.
    Phone +49 (0) 40 378557 0

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